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At Salisbury Primary School the LOTE – Italian program aims to develop an appreciation for other cultures and encourage students to value the diversity of the wider community. Learning a language other than English helps to increase the student’s awareness of the multilingual and multicultural nature of Australia and world societies.

Students learn to communicate by referring to a range of models and by responding to teacher prompting. They begin to function in open – ended situations, allowing variations and extension of language applications. They learn to speak and write effectively for a range of purposes and audiences, approximating meaning and authentic language use within defined topics. Examples could include writing an email or simple story, and ordering in a café or asking directions.

Italian focuses primarily on the acquisition of language skills that is speaking, listening, reading and writing. It also incorporates a range of sociocultral activities.

In the classroom you will see children.

  • Using their new language to communicate with others.
  • Learning and using specific listening skills.
  • Developing an understanding of the Italian grammar and how to write.
  • Learning to recognise and read single words and short sentences in Italian.
  • Developing their cultural awareness.

All students from R-7 partake in the following special celebrations:

  • Carnevale
  • Harmony Day
  • Care Bear Day

Language studies is one of the learning areas taught in schools. It is an integral part of the essential learning curriculum Salisbury Primary school.