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Salisbury Primary history


Salisbury Schools enjoy a fine reputation in the Salisbury area, reflecting a sense of tradition and history, as it was the first Public School to serve the district.

The Salisbury Public School (incorporating Grade 1 to Grade 7) in Mary Street was opened in 1877 and was designed to accommodate 120 scholars. In subsequent years as the number of scholars increased, extensions to the school were added.

In 1943 the name was changed from Salisbury Public to Salisbury Primary School and another "temporary school" - the "Salisbury Extension School" was established on land now occupied by the Salisbury District Recreation Centre.

At the end of 1948 the prefabricated buildings from the Salisbury Extension School were transported to the enlarged school grounds and the old school became the Salisbury Consolidated School .

In 1964 it was renamed Salisbury Primary School and in 1971 the school was moved from the original site to its present location. The original building now houses the Education Department's Salisbury Branch of Technical And Further Education (TAFE).

In 2009 the school community voted to become one R - 7 site. School facilities were upgraded in 2010. The Junior Primary School occupies the same site. The grounds of the school are generous in spatial terms, attractive and
well maintained.