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Salisbury Primary School has been involved in the School of Education Aspirations Project [SEAP] for two years. The aim of the project is about improving university outreach, raise educational aspirations, tertiary participation and social inclusion.

SPS is part of 6 networks of schools working on action research driven, professional development projects that take up the challenge to provide learning experiences that are intellectually demanding, and that support students to be successful.

Our network is around ICTs and Literacy with a focus on using changing
pedagogy, both in academic and social aspects, to provide learning programs
that improve student learning in Literacy . Through the use of ICTs we will
engage students in their learning in meaningful and relevant ways. We provide scaffolding in literacy learning designed to give students understanding of
writing and reading forms. This in turn leads to rigorous learning programs with high learning outcomes for students. Students will use a wide range of ICTs
to enhance and support this learning. Some of the ICTs currently being used
by students regularly are web based sites across all curriculum areas,
cameras,flip cameras, Smartboard technology, publishing programs, MovieMaker.

This year two 6/7 classes and their teachers are involved in the research project . Their research question is “How does immersing students in Multi-Media aspire them to be more effective communicators?”